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Our Security Guard Services

Security Services

As a market leader in security services, Prime Guarding Security works to protect thousands of client sites across the UK.

We leverage our experience, unique capabilities, and the latest technologies to provide clients with exceptional value and complete peace of mind.

The security services we offer range from manned guarding and front-of-house to the provision of cutting-edge cloud-based IoT security solutions. 

Security Guard Services
Security Guard Services

Our Skilled Security People

Our skilled security teams are fully vetted, well-trained, and led by industry experts. This means our people know how to deliver the highest levels of protection whilst performing as ambassadors of our clients’ brands.

We make people feel safe and welcome while providing exceptional value to clients. 

Highly Trained Security Teams

The security teams at Prime Guarding Security are extensively trained on how best to do their jobs. We want to elevate industry standards by excelling at what we do. Our comprehensive training programmes give people the skills they need to be more successful in their roles

An important range of topics is covered by our training programmes, from Conflict Management and Fire Safety to First Aid, Terrorism Awareness, and physical intervention. We carry out a training needs analysis for each site and upskill our people based on each site’s specific requirements.  

Security Guard Services
Security Guard Services

Innovative Security Services and Solutions

We have a future-forward approach to technology and are constantly striving to implement innovations that enhance our service.

At every stage, our security teams are equipped with the best technologies in order to protect people, property, and assets. 

Sustainable Security Solutions

We strive to be a more sustainable business and seek to reduce our impact on the environment at every opportunity. Our recent initiatives include switching to paperless electronic systems, moving to electric mobile patrol vehicles, and recycling surplus IT and security equipment.

As a people business, we look to support our local communities through employment initiatives, charity programmes, and community engagement

Security Guard Services
Security Guard Services

CCTV Operations

To monitor the live CCTV camera outputs routed to the CCTV Control Centre and ensure that images are recorded for evidential purposes. In the event of any criminal or anti-social behaviour being detected to notify the appropriate emergency services or other agencies in order that action can be taken.
Ensure that all associated procedures and the Code of Practice are strictly adhered to in order that the integrity of the CCTV Control centre, the actions of the staff and any recorded material are not compromised or damaged.

Event Security

Looking for a Reliable Event Security Staff?
Prime Guarding security is a trusted and dependable supplier of show and event security across the UK with more than 2 years of private security expertise and a full skill set of services and protective measures. We understand that your security needs are as individual as the occasion itself and we pledge to create a bespoke security solution, no matter the size or kind of event.

Our dedicated SIA-licensed event security possess the knowledge to ensure any event runs hassle-free and everybody is kept safe, from front of house security and mobile patrols to crowd control and emergency planning.

For a motivated, dedicated and customer-focused security company that can provide professional and high-quality event security, get in touch with Prime Guarding Security today and see how we can help make your event a success.

Prime Guarding Security has provided a range of event security services across the UK over the past 2 years.
Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs, so you can enjoy the event and leave the security concerns up to us.

Security Guard Services
Security Guard Services

Sector Specialism

We have structured our business to support our key sectors. We have the deep expertise and dedicated resources needed to deliver the highest standards to our customers in sectors such as:

  • Corporate
  • Property Management
  • Retail
  • Events Security
  • Door Supervisors
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Security Guards
  • Schools & Colleges

Contact Us

Your opinions are important to us. Whether it is a simple question or a valuable suggestion, we are here 24/7. You can call us by phone or email us directly.


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